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I have so many people in my life that have had such a positive influence on who I have become.  I hope that I can always make them proud.  At the end of our lives, when the credits role, there are really only a handful of very important principal actors in our lives.  Although our lives are greatly influenced by them we still will always need the extras that truly build our story.
My husband- Has taught me that there is always a solution to every problem, you just have to find it.  He has stood by me since 1993.
My parents- Always told me that the words "I can't" should never be in my vocabulary.  My mom taught me the true meaning of selfless love.  She even hauled hay for my first horse in the trunk of her car.
Nancy Weaver- Nancy was an amazing friend.  She introduced me to the art of equine photography and taught me much of what I know today.  When I met her I told her that we were soul twins.  Unfortunately Nancy's life was cut short by a long battle with cancer.  She not only taught me about photography but about strength of character and integrity.  I hope that I can continue our pursuit of knowledge in creating beautiful works of art.
Sarah Shaw- My dance instructor.  She taught me to keep my chin up, be proud and work hard until things are perfect.
Karen Womack Vold- My first riding instructor.  You taught me to work until I was sore and then work harder and to never lose my faith in the Lord.
Mr Beeman- My high school Agriculture Education instructor and FFA leader.  You taught me so very many useful, real life skills, but more importantly your patience was never ending and you gave me a place to belong in high school.
Larry Bontrager, Patricia Halas, Lee Thorsel- My Radiology instructors.  You taught me to learn, teach myself and never stop asking why and how things work.  You never accepted excuses or less than perfect work.  You made me into an educated Radiographer.  Thank you Mr. Bontrager for not allowing me to become a "monkey button pusher".
Fay Sirkis- You have taught me a whole world of art in the short time I spent in your workshops.  your work is so inspiring and you always patiently answered my emails.
My Many Friends - I have so many people that I should give credit to for allowing me to take and emulate the very best part of their personalities.  Although I cannot list all of you here, you know who you are and I thank you for being you.
Nancy Weaver and her Paint mare Abby

Larry Bontrager

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