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My Horses - Maximum Impressor - Max


1988 AQHA Sorrel Gelding
Max is a great gelding with an impressive pedigree & a big show record. He is trained well & still sound for riding. HYPP N/N

We purchased Max in the Spring of 2008 to keep Bee company since the death of my "Sunny" horse.  When Sunny passed Bee just stood outside of her barn stall and stared at the pasture where he was burried.  It made me cry to think that she was wondering what we did to him and if he was ever coming back.  Max has been a gread addition to the family and now Bee has a gelding to keep her company.  Maz has an impressive show record and probably more cattle experience than I do.  He's an awesome quick horse to ride and one of the smartest horses I've ever met.  He has learned how to open his own gate and his own stall and you can see that look in his eye that he is always trying to out think you.  I know that with very little time I could train Max some really neat tricks.  He figures things out so quickly.  He will put me right up to a cow and he often makes me feel like the monkey on the Border Collie when I am on his back, I am along for the ride and he is the brains.   HA HA HA.


Max is an AQHA Champion.  He has been to the AQHA World & many other prestigious shows in his younger days.
He has Points in:
  • Halter
  • Heading
  • Heeling
  • Reining
We think that Max will fit right into our family.
Thank you Al & Polly Munson of Prairie Wind Ranch for selling Max to us.

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Name:  Melissa Mathies
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